Mom's New Books Get Delivered, So Dog Decides To Review Them All!

Mom's New Books Get Delivered, So Dog Decides To Review Them All!

For Chantelle Wallace, dog mom of four, life is always interesting. She says that her four dogs are always causing trouble and playing around, but the naughtiest is Dallas.

Dallas has incredible amounts of energy and is a lively dog, whose favorite thing to do is destroy the things around him. Chantelle says that since she adopted Dallas, their family has gone through four couches, three sets of blinds for their windows, countless slippers, many packages, and tons of household decor, all because Dallas thinks they are his toys. Her whole family is aware of his destructive habits, but loves him anyway!

No matter how hard they try, Dallas always gets a hold of things in their home. When Chantelle got a package of books that she ordered, she did her best to keep them away from him. She left the package on a table and went to bed, deciding to open them up tomorrow. When she woke up, she found that Dallas had done it all for her. To her surprise, Dallas had already opened up the package and destroyed all the books.

At first, Chantelle was fuming, but the look that Dallas gave her reassured her that he felt sorry for his actions. She says that Dallas is very aware when he does something wrong, but sometimes he just can’t help himself. Luckily, his parents love him dearly and forgive him every time.

She now jokes that Dallas wasn’t a fan of the books and was simply making his own book review, which wasn’t pretty.

Images Source: Chantelle Wallace

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