Montreal SPCA Will Take Legal Action Against New Law To Euthanize Pit Bulls

Montreal SPCA Will Take Legal Action Against New Law To Euthanize Pit Bulls

An extremely controversial bylaw was recently passed in Montreal which bans new ownership of pit bull and pit bull type pups.

Current owners of these types of pups are required to get a special permit to continue keeping their fur balls. But that’s not all. An amendment was added when the law was passed that a pit bull type pup will be automatically euthanized when its parent passes away, unless the pup’s license can be transferred to direct family, a spouse, or someone else living at the same address. Wait, what?! That’s terrible!

The good news is, the SPCA wants sections of the bylaw that concern pit bull type pups declared illegal, and many animal rights advocates have expressed criticism and disagreement with the new rules. This is on the grounds that the new law discriminates against pups currently in ownership who are not dangerous and also does not include a means to challenge the designation of a pup as a certain breed.

In addition, the Civil Code of Quebec has granted animals the status of sentient beings, and this new bylaw treats pit bull type pups as far from that. It is also unreasonable for all fur balls of certain breeds to considered dangerous as there is no evidence whatsoever that says this is true!

This terrible injustice done to these pups cannot be tolerated. With that being said, Quebec veterinarians have added that they can refuse to euthanize a pup who is neither dangerous nor ill. As such, there may still be hope. Do share this to spread the word!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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