Montrose Police Department Welcomes Comfort Dog To Calm Victims

Many of us are well aware of the police K-9 units. These units are specialized dog forces that are trained to do a variety of duties. Duties such as bomb squads, drug busts, and even forensic service dogs. One special service that we do not so often hear of, is a police comfort dog.

Black Labrador, Apple, is an extremely important asset to the Montrose Police Department. Apple is a comfort dog to help calm victims that may have experienced high anxiety or trauma. When Apple is with these victims, her comforting nature puts them at ease, and they can tell police their story in a calm environment. Although the coronavirus pandemic has put most work on hold, including Apple’s daily job, Apple has still helped out.

Recently, a small child had witnessed domestic violence, and with the help of Apple’s presence, could relay the story and details to the police officers. This was the second time the little boy had to give details to police and Apple has calmed his fear with great effect. Although not officially part of the K-9 unit, Apple manages to up the morale of the entire police department, even when not on duty.

Apple is one of two in her role, and her presence is appreciated daily. The story of Apple is but just another example confirming what we already know. Our four-legged friends have special roles in our lives that no other human could possibly fulfill. It goes without saying that we should continue to appreciate them every day!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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