Most Dogs In The Shelter Are Pit Bulls - Here's Why

Most Dogs In The Shelter Are Pit Bulls - Here's Why

There are many controversial conversations and opinions about the Pitbull dog breed. Opinions vary based on experience and perception. This breed of dog is one of the highest types living in shelters. But why is it this way?

Here is what the research and statistics have to say:


The pit bull dog breed has gained popularity quite significantly over the past twelve years. Researchers have found that the breed even ranks among the top three across American states. The increased popularity could be a positive indication, as it indicates a positive perception of the breed. It could also mean that the act of killing these dogs has decreased too, which is a good thing! However, growing populations in sheltered section could also mean that there is a negative connotation towards the breed.


Pitbull prejudice and the act of banning the breed – the BSL (banning of pit bulls) as an attempt to decrease dog biting contributes to them ending up in shelters. This law is applicable to many states, despite there not being evidence that high numbers of Pitbull breeds causes increased biting. There is also a fear of adopting the breed due to the reputation associated with it, and people giving up their dogs out of fear and inability to handle them.

There are also other factors to consider, such as pet parents losing their homes and surrendering their pooches. Perhaps some of these dogs were strays too. Regardless, the number of Pitbulls in shelters is ever climbing, and the fight for their reputation remains a priority!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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