Most Unusual Military Unit Has Hero Dogs To Thank For Everything! (Part 2)

The Sirius patrol have used dogsledding for over 60 years! These rangers protect the Northeast Greenland National Park and shed light over what goes on in the world of dogsledding. Here’s Part 1 of this story, in case you missed it.

Working with these dogs is like working with family. The rangers have developed special bonds with their dogs and treat them with love. Each dog undergoes constant training where they learn to respond to whistling and other instructions, but although they work hard, the four-legged workforce have plenty of time to roll around in the snow and bond with each other.

They work for about five years in total, and cover about 5000 miles during their 26 month on-time. The special abilities of this workforce go beyond their ability to run at ease in icy conditions! These Greenland Dogs can see through foggy conditions that no man can see through, and even know when to stop before a cliff in the dark.

They also constantly protect the rangers from other dangerous animals such as polar bears and the musk-ox. By starting to growl or hiss, these special dogs warn their rangers that there is danger nearby, ensuring the safety of their pack. The more we read about dogs the more we realize how gifted our pets really are.

The fact that there are dogs keeping rangers safe in the middle of an icy area with nobody in sight for miles and miles is absolutely amazing! Our dogs keep us company always keep us safe in spite of anything, now we should do the same for them!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Morten Hilmer

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