Mother And Daughter Come Up With An Amazing Way To Rescue Dogs From High Kill Shelters

The number of stray dogs worldwide is alarming. There are so many street dogs, abandoned dogs, and lost dogs brought into shelters every day. Often times, these shelters become full to capacity.

In fact, many shelters are already way overcapacity. The shelters that have reached their limits often decide the only solution is to put some of their dogs down. These shelters are better known as “high kill shelters”. It sounds terrible to us, as we are avid animal lovers. However, sometimes shelters have their hands tied and have run out of options. A mother and daughter, however, have taken the initiative to help out where they can.

Madison and Nancy Tulgesta of Rogers City have sprung into action in helping high kill shelters. The mother and daughter duo have started a shelter called Liberty’s Dream Animal Rescue. Their rescue organization takes in four-legged friends from overcrowded shelters and finds these special pooches’ new homes. They even provide medical help to those furry faces that are in need of it. The name of their rescue comes from the very first dog that they rescued from being killed, Liberty Belle. Madison and Nancy are now on a mission to save the lives of as many dogs as Liberty, as best they can. A labor of love indeed!

Madison and Nancy are two special humans who work for the greater good, helping those that do not have a voice to speak for themselves. The selflessness and compassion of this family is truly an inspiration to us all!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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