Mother Dog And Her Puppies Rescued From Filthy House

Mother Dog And Her Puppies Rescued From Filthy House

A stray mother dog and her little puppies living inside a derelict home were recently rescued from the horrific living conditions. The dogs were found and rescued by Stray Rescue of St. Louise.

Rescuing the dog and her pups was not an easy task, as the rescuers had to climb over tons of garbage accumulated in the abandoned home. The rescue group described the house as being “by far one of the most disgusting houses we have EVER been in.”

The rescuers also had trouble identifying the stray mother dog because her black fur blended with the darkness in the room. She gave them a tough time when they tried to get her and her pups.

The lead rescuer, Donna, knew they had to devise a plan to get the dogs to safety successfully. So, they decided to leave and come back the following day.

The next day, the rescue succeeded in getting the mother dog and her puppies into crates and transported them out of the filthy house. Unfortunately, they found the dead bodies of two puppies that had died earlier.

They brought them out as well to give them a proper burial.

The good news is the mother dog, and her remaining puppies will get a warm, safe, and sanitary place to live now.

Image Credit: YouTube

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