My New Dog Sleeps In Bed With Me - Can This Be A Problem?

My New Dog Sleeps In Bed With Me - Can This Be A Problem?

One of the many dilemmas new parents are faced with is whether to allow their dog to share a bed with them or to rather make him sleep in his own room from day one, so that he can get used to it right from the beginning.

Just as new parents face this with a human baby, so this also applies to our pooches. What could be cuter than an adorable pup with soft fur and melting eyes? We’re genetically programmed to love all babies, human and animal and of course want to nurture them and hold them close. To help us decide, what is called for is a weighing-up of the pros and cons. What suits one family may be totally unsuitable for another!

The pros are:

  • Being physically close to your paw-pal can help create a very strong bond
  • Dogs are great stress-relievers- simply having him close by can get those endorphins going
  • On a cold, wintery night, what could be greater than a furry water-bottle that doesn’t have to be reheated?!
  • It’s great to have a protector at close quarters- no more worries about being caught off-guard by intruders

Some cons to consider:

  • How clean is your furry friend? He may be sharing your mattress, but you certainly wouldn’t want to share his parasites!
  • Is there enough room for both/all of you? Being too squashed may affect sleep quality
  • Are you an allergy sufferer? Pet dander is a known allergen and might affect you
  • Is he quiet or will he keep you awake with his noises and restlessness?

Weigh these factors up and, if the pros outweigh the cons, you might have a new bedfellow. Alternatively, buy your canine companion a comfortable bed of his own.

Does your dog sleep in bed with you? Let us know if you think parents should allow their dogs to sleep in bed with them!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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