Mylo The Rescued German Shepherd Finds Love At Last!

Mylo The Rescued German Shepherd Finds Love At Last!

This is the story of a rescue German shepherd called Mylo and he finally found some love! This is incredible 🙂

This beautiful German shepherd was rescued from Prishtina, Kosovo, and from the looks of it he probably was abandoned. I don’t understand how people can abandon their fur kids, why do they do that?

Does their love for each other just disappear? Does a pup have to keep proving his loyalty by taking bullets after bullets just so his persons will not abandon him? This is wrong. If you’re going to abandon your dog, don’t adopt them in the first place.

This German shepherd is looking for his forever loving home, but his first time experiencing love is just priceless. Take a look at his video on page 2 below!

Page 2 Here!

Take a look at this beautiful fur ball absorbing all the love he can while he cherishes his amazing surroundings! This is simply beautiful! Don’t forget to Like and Share this post with your friends 🙂

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