Myth Or Facts? Here's Some Information On Heartworm And Your Dog

Myth Or Facts? Here's Some Information On Heartworm And Your Dog

You may have heard a lot about heartworms, and how it’s important to make sure your dogs are dewormed and are given the proper medication regularly. But for all its scariness, just how much do you know about the disease that’s actually accurate?

Myth: You Can’t Test For Heartworms

False. Even if there’s no sign of heartworms, a simple blood test is all you need to determine the disease’s presence.

Myth: There Are No Symptoms

False. Symptoms won’t show initially, but as the disease progresses, symptoms will definitely increase.

Myth: It’s Life-threatening

True. There will be no initial harm, but the longer you leave heartworms untreated, the more likely the parasites will eventually cause organ failure and kill your dog.

Myth: It’s Transferrable Between Dogs

False. The parasites and their eggs can only be transmitted via female mosquitos.

Myth: You Can’t Treat Them Right Away

True. If parasites have taken hold of your dog already, they will need to be stabilized first.

Myth: It’s Preventable

True. Heartworm medication can be taken in various ways, and all of it will prevent heartworms from developing in the first place. Talk to your vet about your options.

At the end of the day, prevention of heartworms is incredibly easy to do – and it saves so much pain!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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