Naughty Beagle Takes Pride In The Mess He Created

Naughty Beagle Takes Pride In The Mess He Created

Casey Lewis has always wanted to adopt a dog ever since she started volunteering at the SPCA in Virginia. When Lewis met the beagle, J.J, she knew it was love at first sight, and decided to officially take him home that day.

It’s been three years since that momentous meeting and J.J. has done many naughty things since then. He has torn tissue boxes, destroyed the baby gate, and fallen into their automated steel trash bin, creating a mess that took hours to clean up. Recently, J.J. was at his element again when Lewis left him home alone while she went to work.

At that time, Lewis was unable to bring him to day care so she decided to let J.J. stay at home, securing all places and things that the beagle might entertain himself with, in her absence. Lewis crossed her fingers, as she left the house.

Upon her return, Lewis was greeted by a proud grinning beagle standing in the midst of shredded boxes of various shapes and sizes, a torn-down baby gate (again!) with a missing chunk off, and a storage tower that had been moved from its place. If there was a silver lining to it, it was that J.J. had not gone for the trash bin this time.

While Lewis didn’t look forward to the clean-up ahead of her and knew there’ll be more in the future, she would not have J.J. any other way.

Images & Feature Image Source: Casey Lewis

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