New Dog Tethering Rules In Casper Sparks Outrage Among Dog Lovers (Part 1)

Tethering of dogs has become a rather controversial topic among citizens and animal lovers. Some view it as a necessity when pet parents are not around, while others see it as a danger to the dog and as a cruel action.

Tethering refers to the tying up, or some of you might be familiar with the terms of “chaining up”, a dog. There have been quite a few headlines where dogs have got injured while being tethered up, as they have found themselves in dangerous positions or situations with no parent in sight.

In recent proposed changes to the tethering regulations in Casper, Wyoming, a group of citizens have spoken out on what they suggest should be amended. These are the current regulations on tethering in Wyoming:

  1. The dog is in the visual range of a responsible party.
  2. The tether is connected to the dog by a well fitted, buckle-type collar or a body harness made of nylon or leather, not less than one-inch in width.
  3. The dog is tethered in such a manner as to prevent injury, strangulation, or entanglement.
  4. The tether shall confine the dog to the owner’s property.
  5. The dog has access to water, shelter, and dry ground.
  6. The dog is at least six months of age. Puppies shall not be tethered.
  7. No dog shall be tethered for more than two hours in any twenty-four-hour period.

As mentioned, these are currently undergoing amendments that have quite a few citizens and organization members up in arms, and this is what is in store…

Watch out for Part 2 of this report.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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