New Ohio Laws Guarantees To Fine And Put Animal Abusers Behind Bars

New Ohio Laws Guarantees To Fine And Put Animal Abusers Behind Bars

All animal lovers know that it takes a horrible kind of person to abuse or hurt an innocent animal.

Pups themselves are the sweetest, friendliest, and most loving of creatures, especially to their parents, so when that is used against them, it’s nothing short of heart-breaking. Now, thanks to a new law passed in Ohio as of the 13th of September 2016, it has become a felony to harm a pet or other companion animal. Those convicted of this crime will spend 6-12 months in jail and will pay a hefty fine.

If someone fatally harms a police pup or horse, they will be automatically placed behind bars. Nice job, Ohio! This is definitely a step in the right direction for animal rights! This law is known as Dick Goddard’s Law – or, more officially, House Bill 60, and says that causing “serious physical harm” to any companion animal (meaning “an animal that is kept within a residential dwelling”) is a serious fifth degree felony. This also applies to all pups and cats, regardless of where they live or are kept.

Inflicting long-term pain as well as depriving a pet of basic necessities are just among the “serious physical harm” that fall under this law. Many pet Mommies and Daddies consider their companion animals to be part of the family, and it’s only right that appropriate punishment is given to someone who harms a family member. It’s awesome to see that animal rights are being taken seriously! Do like and share this great news with your friends and family!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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