No Fair! Don’t Leave Us Out Of The Fun!

No Fair! Don’t Leave Us Out Of The Fun!

There’s no worse feeling in the world than being left out of the fun. Think about what the cool kids did while you had to stay home, or you had to leave early. Even worse, if you try to be a part of things, and you’re told to go away or buzz off.

You must know the saying that goes “as playful as a puppy” and indeed they are. Puppies are naturally friendly and always want to have fun, especially with their littermates. They chase each other, nibble at tails, cuddle, or simply make dog piles, or should we say “puppy piles.”

Now put yourself in these puppies’ shoes when they are left out of the fun. Why weren’t they invited to this puppy pile?

No matter how hard they tried to get noticed by their brothers and sisters, they were left out of the fun. It’s almost as if they were saying, “Hey! No fair! Don’t leave us out of the fun!”

Talk about being a black sheep in the family. At least they have each other right?

Well, these two puppies didn’t think about it like that. Instead, they decided to throw tantrums and let it be known that they were not pleased! Even though they were mad, these little suckers are just too cute for you to feel too strongly about the situation.

Don’t worry though, they’ll probably make up in a few minutes when their siblings realize the fun isn’t quite complete if everyone isn’t there. Soon, they’ll make an even more adorable, more playful pile!

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