No Matter How Many Toys This Dog Has, He Prefers To Play In The Trash Can

No Matter How Many Toys This Dog Has, He Prefers To Play In The Trash Can

Stacey Zitto wasn’t seriously looking to adopt a dog back in June while she was at the pride festival with her two other dogs, Lilo and Stitch. She just mentioned it to her family, and there happened to be a booth set up for the York County SPCA.

There, she saw the sweetest pittie and decided to pet him. He flipped on his back for a belly rub and immediately she fell in love. He also had a great personality and interacted well with other strangers.

It was now time to leave, and by then, she knew she wanted to adopt him. She texted her husband that she was going to fill out the application and he was on board immediately.

Once the application was approved, she prepared for his arrival and decided on the name Bidoof. He had a warm welcome home and his dog siblings and family were more than happy to have him there.

They had quickly learned that Bidoof loved to play. He had all the toys in the world, but for some reason, he was obsessed with the trash can. Once he picked it up for the first time, they could not get him to put him down. He plays with it every chance he gets and his family has decided to just let him enjoy his trash can because it makes him happy.

His second favorite toy is a gallon plastic water bottle. He loves tossing them into the air, then catching them on his head. He provides everyone with entertainment though he’s really just having a good time. What a silly dog!

Image Credit: Stacey Zitto

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