No, Your Pup Should Not Be Forced To Follow A Vegan Lifestyle

No, Your Pup Should Not Be Forced To Follow A Vegan Lifestyle

With the increased popularity of veganism, there’s been a controversial trend regarding the healthcare of pets: vegan pups.

This issue has sparked debates and has left many wondering if veganism is a possible avenue for fur balls. After all, doesn’t being vegan have plenty of ethical and ecological benefits? Before we go further into this, allow me to clarify what this whole issue actually is. Veganism refers to removing animal products entirely from someone’s lifestyle. This includes meat, consumables made from animal produce (like dairy products), and other items made from animals (like leather and fur).

For a human, veganism can improve health while also saving the environment. Plenty of people become vegan due to ethical reasons – to save animal lives. It’s a huge decision that drastically alters someone’s way of life. But what about for pups? They cannot make their own decisions, so is it a good idea for pup parents to let them join in?

There are plenty of cases where veganism in fur balls and other pets turns sour due to insufficient nutrition. But is there a way to balance these two extremes? Can a fur ball adopt a vegan lifestyle with it making him healthier and happier? Vegan pup parents may be very passionate about their cause and would want their entire household to participate, and fur balls are, after all, a part of the family.

Stay tuned to find out when we discuss the health troubles that may arise from veganism in pets, and whether there is a safe way of doing it. Till then, like and share away!

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