Nurse Saves 5-Week Old Puppy From Being Euthanized

Nurse Saves 5-Week Old Puppy From Being Euthanized

Some dog and cat breeders are out to make money, and they don’t care much about the animals in their care or the babies that are born.

To ensure their line is ‘pure’ some breeders will remove the sick or disabled babies and have them put to sleep (or worse). The Yorkshire terrier in this video was one of those pups, Bea, was born blind. In the video, 5-week-old Bea has been brought to the vet for euthanasia.

The nurse on duty fell in love with Bea and did what she could to save Bea’s life! All life is important. Bea is now being cared for at Battersea Dogs and Cats home, and isn’t blind! She got a medical treatment done, and she now has the ability to see! Watch as Bea interacts with her canine sibling, a yellow lab who protects and takes great care of Bea!

Feature Image Source: animalstv

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