Obese Dog Was So Unhealthy He Couldn't Sleep, Until He Found His Forever Home

Obese Dog Was So Unhealthy He Couldn't Sleep, Until He Found His Forever Home

Corina is a Chowder mix who was recently adopted from a shelter in Los Angeles. She struggled with being overweight, but her new mom, Jessica Janos, was determined to help her get healthy again.

When she first adopted Corina, the shelter gave her a list of health issues to take care of. Many things needed to be addressed, but her weight was definitely at the top of the list. Jessica was motivated to do her research and address all of Corina’s health issues. With the help of her mom and a new diet, Corina started to lose slowly lose weight.

She didn’t get any snacks, just the food that she needed to eat at her meals. After a while, Jessica added exercise to Corina’s new regimen, beginning with short walks, but slowly increasing the length, until Corina was able to go on walks for as long as one hour.

When Jessica brought her home, she weighed almost 50 pounds. She is a small to medium-sized dog, so all that weight was really taking a toll on her. The first night in her new home, she couldn’t even sleep. She just panted, as all of that weight was suffocating her. She couldn’t get on the couch or up the stairs, and she couldn’t play with other dogs.

Now, she is under 30 pounds and the weight loss really makes a difference in her life. Her weight is no longer endangering her life or holding her back. She can jump on the bed, she can run around and play with other dogs, and she is happier and healthier than ever before.

Image Credit: Instagram

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