Once Unwanted, This Hero Pup Saved Little Girls From Being Kidnapped!

Once Unwanted, This Hero Pup Saved Little Girls From Being Kidnapped!

Thom Lambert had wanted a pup for years, but his wife, Melissa, did not feel the same way. Still, she indulged her three daughters by regularly bringing them to a nearby animal shelter so they could give those pets some attention.

But during one of her trips, she finally brought a pup home – Edgar, a Treeing Walker Coonhound in brown and white.

Melissa’s sudden decision to adopt Edgar surprised Thom, but he certainly wasn’t complaining! Edgar fit well into their home and was very sweet and quick to learn. Plus he made a great companion to the kids. Little did they know what more he would do for their family.

It was the 28th of April when the family finally home after attending a funeral out of town. It was after midnight, so Thom and Melissa put their daughters to bed and then went to their own room with Edgar, who rested in his routine spot to snooze. Then, a few hours later, he leaped awake and began to howl and growl, waking the couple up. He sounded extremely angry, and it was a shock, as Edgar is a very calm-mannered pup.

But this was not the first time they had heard this sound from him. The first and only time had been last Wednesday – the same day that a young girl had been kidnapped in their neighborhood. But before they could think about it, Thom heard footsteps downstairs. The parents leaped into action and found the windows and door in their kitchen wide open! Luckily, their children were all safe.

The parents then called 911 after bringing all their daughters into their room. The next day, police caught the person responsible for the ruckus – a man, aged 20, who confessed to going into the home with the intention of kidnapping one of the children. He had also been nearby on the previous Wednesday, snooping around for kids he could abduct. He hurried out the door once he heard Edgar barking.

Edgar is now being hailed as a hero by his community, and Melissa is so thankful that she saw Edgar when she did – and that she fell in love with him the moment she saw him, so she could take him home.

Images & Feature Image Source: Thom Lambert

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