Orlando Bloom Confirms That His Beloved Dog Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

A recent appearance in the news has been the story of Orlando Bloom, a famous Hollywood actor, and his lost dog, Mighty. Orlando had taken to Instagram a few weeks ago to announce the missing Mighty and urged citizens to keep an eye out for the dog.

Other Hollywood actors and actresses, such as Jennifer Aniston, also tried helping in the hunt for this local hound. This last week Orlando posted a picture on his Instagram social media account with some rather unfortunate news. Sadly, it seems that Mighty has passed away. Orlando did not provide any detail, other than the finding of Mighty’s collar and that this was found after a week of searching day and night. He did, however, post an image of himself after getting a tattoo of Mighty’s name on his chest as a tribute to his loyal hound.

This has been heartbreaking news for Orlando Bloom, who even mentioned that he found himself in tears over the loss of his canine companion. Upon reading this news most of us feel the heartache he must be feeling. Our devoted dogs have become such an important and significant part of our lives, especially now during the coronavirus pandemic where we have often found ourselves anxious, stressed, and extremely worried about the future.

Although this story is truly heart-breaking, many of us following it finally have closure on where Mighty which is perhaps better than wondering if the sweet dog is alone and scared somewhere. We will certainly hold our dogs dear to us even closer tonight!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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