Overtired Pup Refuses To Settle Down For The Night!

Overtired Pup Refuses To Settle Down For The Night!

Can you get overtired? Yes, yes you can! It is not a good thing either. Having an exciting, fun-filled day with nonstop action is an excellent way to get overtired.

When you are overtired, you have a harder time falling asleep, which really makes almost no sense at all! You would think that if your body needed sleep, you would easily fall asleep! Kids and dogs are well-known for getting overtired. When a young child gets too tired, it is usually bad news, and the whole house knows about it!

Reuben, the bulldog, is overtired in this video. Thankfully there is not a lot of crying and screaming (as there would be if a toddler got overtired!). But, Reuben is having a hard time falling asleep. He just can’t seem to find a comfortable spot to lay his head! Watch as Reuben searches for a comfy spot for sleeping.

Feature Image Source: Melnotte

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