Partially Deaf Dog Wants To Spend Her Golden Years In Her Forever Loving Home

The experiences we go through, good or bad, are what shape our character and what we do. This is not only true for humans, but also for our canine companions!

In the western part of London lives a very special dog named Storm. Storm has been through some difficult challenges that have changed her life forever, but also giving her character like no other. Back in Storm’s younger years, she developed a terrible ear infection.

The infection caused a lot of swelling, eventually spreading to her eardrum. After struggling with the infection for a while, Storm had to have her left eardrum taken out, leaving her partially deaf. Today, Storm has a unique characteristic about herself. She has an extra loud bark!

Whether the bark is an attempt of wanting to be heard or simply Storm trying to hear herself, remains unknown. She lives in a shelter in the hope of finding a home one day.

But finding a home for her may be a bit of challenge, as not many people can handle an extra loud bark. In fact, most people would be frustrated at her. The circumstances leading to Storm’s deafness were not her fault and sends an important message to all of us.

Having a disability does not make you any less lovable than before! Storm is still beaming with joy and her cheerful character is contagious to those around her, which is solid proof that she is just as special as any of our pets. Here’s Storm’s profile!

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