Patrick Stewart's New Foster Pup Won't Stop Smiling At Him!

Patrick Stewart's New Foster Pup Won't Stop Smiling At Him!

It’s safe to say that Sir Patrick Stewart is pretty famous, and he’s an actor who most people love. He’s starred in the Star Trek and X-Men franchises, and he’s amazingly talented. On top of that, he’s a dog-lover – and he fosters pups when he can!

In 2017, animal-lovers around the world exclaimed “aww” in unison when he fostered Ginger, a sweet pit bull pup. Ginger has since found her forever home, so his mission was accomplished. But now, this 2019, he’s starting a new foster journey with another pit bull!

Emma is a loving pup from Wags and Walks, and Stewart proudly showed her off in a recent tweet. He described her as very intelligent, sensitive, loving, and gentle. It only took a few days from them to start bonding, and they became very close quickly. A video showing the pair cuddling and snoozing on the sofa was posted soon after, and it shows Emma gazing happily at her foster Dad as he snores and wears his sleeping mask.

When Ginger first found her way into Stewart’s home, many people believed she would be a foster fail who he wound up adopting because of how close they became. Their strong bond was truly touching to watch, but sadly, Stewart spends equal time in the US and UK due to his acting work. The UK’s breed-specific legislation prevents him from bringing any pit bulls to those nations.

Still, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it means Stewart has time to help new pups and give them temporary homes as they await their forever families. If you’re interested in adopting Emma, you can apply at Wags and Walks here.

Feature Image Source: Patrick Stewart

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