People In Wuhan Are Breaking Into Homes To Feed Dogs Home Alone

People In Wuhan Are Breaking Into Homes To Feed Dogs Home Alone

The novel coronavirus which turned out to be a global pandemic has resulted in fear for many of us. The city in which it originated from is Wuhan, China. After careful investigation, researchers found that it had, in fact, originated from the “wet trade” or “wet market”.

This term refers to the illegal trade of animals. It also came to light that this illegal market was scarily large in size, and demand for a variety of animal species was concerning, to say the least. When citizens of Wuhan started becoming infected with the virus and heard it originated from animal trade, many of them fled the city.

In fact, it is estimated that approximately five million people left the city completely. The reasoning behind this was mostly fear. Unfortunately, this meant that most of these fleeing citizens had left their four-legged family members behind without giving it a second thought. This news certainly breaks out hearts, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, there are good-hearted citizens left in the city, who have taken on the task of helping the helpless left behind. Lao Mao of Wuhan city is one of these special humans. This man has made it his personal mission to help as many furry faces (cat and dog alike) as he can. Lao Mao has a whole team that works with him, and they often find a way to contact the owners of these abandoned four-legged friends.

The owners sometimes cry when they hear that their abandoned animals have been helped. Mao reports that there are about 5,000 abandoned dogs and cats that his team will be unable to reach, despite them working day and night. However, many four-legged friends’ survival is because of this selfless man and his team.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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