Pet Hero Saves Two Dog In Labor And Four Other Pooches

Pet Hero Saves Two Dog In Labor And Four Other Pooches

Heroes never really take vacations, and though Henry Friedman was meant to get away from it all, he still ended up changing the lives of six dogs.

Friedman is already a father of one dog named Finn. Finn is a former street dog from Puerto Rico who ended up in his care when his original adopters changed their minds. Since then, the pair have traveled the country in his van, partnering with local animal welfare organizations and supporting their work in whichever way possible. They also raise funds through Patreon with the help of their Instagram page named KeepingFinn.

On their most recent vacation to a remote beach in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Friedman and Finn were scoping out camping spots when they came across three adult dogs and three dirty young puppies in need of immediate care and attention.

The dogs followed them to their campsite and slept in front of their van as if they were begging for help. The following morning, Friedman reached out to his contacts at the rescues The Animal Pad and Los Adoptables for assistance. They were only able to take two of the puppies, so Friedman had to figure out what to do with the remaining four.

They were malnourished, covered in ticks, and were very traumatized. They were not going to live for much longer if they stayed on the beach. When the other four dogs got to the shelter in San Diego, they gave birth to a total of 16 puppies. The timing could not have been more perfect. The Animal Pad foster families took them in and at 8 weeks old, they were adopted and rescued into forever homes.

This only goes to show that you don’t need a lot of money or a huge social media following to help a dog in need. All you need is patience, love, and the willingness to try. This can change even one dog’s life for the better.

Images Credit: Henry Friedman

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