PetSmart Sued After Dog Grooming Goes Terribly Wrong

PetSmart Sued After Dog Grooming Goes Terribly Wrong

When it comes to the grooming of our loyal dogs, we take them for anything from a wash to a pampering. The options seem endless! For a larger dog breed, we usually take them for a good wash.

The smaller dog breeds, such as Yorkies and Shih Tzu mixes, are known to be given an extra pamper and a little extra decoration. Although it is a common practice to let your dog be pampered a bit more, it is important to ensure your groomer is following best practices too. One mom of a Maltese Shih Tzu mix found herself in a horrific situation following a visit to the groomer. Pet mom, Sherrilyn Miller, took her precious furry-faced friend, Winter, to the local groomer.

She went for a bath and a bit of a pamper, being two bows on her head. Sherrilyn picked dear Winter up after the session, and the two of them headed home. The next morning, Sherrilyn noticed Winter was not looking so well. She seemed to have some kind of liquid dripping from her ears. Upon closer inspection, Sherrilyn was horrified to discover that the two bows were wound tightly around Winter’s ears, and not tied to her long fur!

It was then that Sherrylin realized the seriousness of this situation and rushed poor Winter to her vet. She had to undergo emergency surgery to restore blood flow to her ears! Thankfully, this emotional support dog pulled through, but she suffers the emotional trauma of what happened to her. The company took the blame and is rectifying the situation to ensure all employees get regular training.

Although terrifying, this story is a reminder that it may be a good idea to always double-check the extra bits put on your precious pup after a good pamper.

Feature Image Source: Sherri-Lyn ShearBear Miller

Images Source: Sherri-Lyn ShearBear Miller

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