Pittie Reunites with her Mum After a Year on the Streets

Pittie Reunites with her Mum After a Year on the Streets

A year ago, Kelly Shade’s dog bolted out of her house, agitated by the noise from the ongoing construction.

Distraught, Shade distributed fliers and offered a reward, however, her actions yielded no results. Although Gracie had a microchip, it would only be useful if she was taken to a vet and scanned for identification. As months went by, Shade began to lose hope.

After almost a year had gone by, a stray dog rescuer in the Chicago area, Katie Campbell got news of a stray that had been regularly visiting a certain home in search of food. Polly Ellison, the homeowner kindly fed the dog every day.

Campbell set up surveillance to track the dog’s movements and set a trap to capture her. She succeeded and took the dog home with her. Happily, when she checked for a microchip she was able to locate it. Campbell then phoned the microchip company, which led her to Shade.

An emotional episode ensued with both women sobbing with joy on the phone.

Finally when Gracie arrived, she stepped out of the car, and contrary to what they expected, there was no sign of fatigue or hesitation. Gracie saw her mum and jumped up and down with excitement. What followed was a grand reunion that was beautiful to watch.

For Shade, the whole reunion still seems unreal:

‘’You always see and hear amazing stories like this, but for it to have happened to me, it seemed a little surreal. Even now when I look at the video It’s like, ‘Wow that actually happened. Gracie is finally home.’”

Here’s the heartwarming video!

Wow, Christmas miracles are real, indeed!

Images & Feature Image Source: Kelly Shade

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