Are You Planning To Go Camping With Your Pup? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Are You Planning To Go Camping With Your Pup? Here Are Some Useful Tips

So, you’re going camping with your fur ball! This means you’ve checked out article on the necessary preparations (if you haven’t then do so here!) and are all packed and ready to go.

But what happens when you’re there? What do you do with your pup? Here are some tips. During the day, you’ll probably want to relax at the campsite, but your fur ball may want to explore. That’s what a long lead is for! Tie the lead to a stake or something similar to anchor your pup while he wanders around. If you’re bringing more than one fur ball, then space them out so they don’t tangle up!

You can also opt for a portable fenced pen as long as you keep your eyes on your pups, or cover the top with a sheet or some fly-mesh. Don’t forget to make sure your pup has access to shade, water, and bedding. And do ensure that they have somewhere to go to the bathroom! Remember to never leave your fur ball unattended inside a car or a tent – these can heat up very, very quickly and rise to fatal temperatures even on cooler days.

So what about at night? The simplest option is to let your fur ball sleep in the tent with you. If you’d rather leave your pup outside, then bring along a collapsible crate for him to sleep inside. Place it somewhere secure where he’s shielded from rain or other elements. If you’re considering just tying your pup up outside instead, don’t. It’s easy for a fur ball to get tangled up, and it’s surprisingly easy to escape when a creature like a possum catches a pup’s eye!

The most important part? Keep your pup warm. Let your pup rest off of the cold ground – perhaps on a trampoline bed inside the crate – and give him plenty of extra blankets. If your fur ball has a thin coat, consider bringing along a jacket for him. But if you already know that it’s going to get freezing at night, it’s safest to bring your pup inside the tent.

Now you know all you need to know for your big camping adventure! Don’t forget to like and share these tips with other pup parents so they can plan their trip, too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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