Poor Pup Abandoned By His Family Was So Matted He Could Hardly Move A Muscle

Poor Pup Abandoned By His Family Was So Matted He Could Hardly Move A Muscle

When an apartment complex manager was doing a final check of an apartment that had just been emptied, they hadn’t expected to find a lone poodle waiting in vain for the return of their family.

Sunny the two-year-old pup has been left behind by his family and had been on his own for weeks. There was no furniture in the home whatsoever and the pup had taken to drinking from an open toilet bowl. The manager immediately brought Sunny to the Humane Society of North Texas.

It was clear that Sunny had been neglected for a long time. His fur was covered in matts and was extremely dirty and bug-infested, and he could barely move through the knotted hair on his legs. He was visibly shaken and terrified, flinching every time his fur was lifted out of his eyes but remaining stock still as a statue.

A groomer with a PetSmart store nearby was happy to offer to free Sunny from his tangled fur. The entire session required a light sedative to keep Sunny relaxed and needed a lot of breaks, lasting eight hours in total. The pup’s skin had a number of sores on them, but it was nothing some medication wouldn’t fix – and at long last, he was clean and free.

Two weeks later, Sunny seems like a completely different dog. He looks a lot better, enjoys hanging out with lots of the people he meets, and is a very social and fun-loving, playful dog. His lively personality is such a large contrast to his previous state. When he was brought back to PetSmart to shop for some new things, he could barely contain his glee – and that’s when staff spotted the perfect outfit for him: a superman costume.

Now, dressed frequently in his special superhero getup, Sunny has become quite popular all around North Texas, and he’s even found a forever home to move into! His transformation is nothing short of incredible.

Images & Feature Image Source: Humane Society of North Texas

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