Poor Pup Meets Homeless Man Who Changes His Life After Being Dumped On Busy Road

Poor Pup Meets Homeless Man Who Changes His Life After Being Dumped On Busy Road

It’s often those who have the least to give who want to give the most. Maybe it’s because they know just how much a little help can improve someone’s life.

Angel Janes was on her way home, driving through Salt Lake City, Utah, when she saw a homeless man asking for work or money. She stopped to offer him something and noticed that the man has a little Chihuahua pup in his arms, wrapped in a blanket due to the cold. The man, named Ron, asked if she would be able to give the pup a good home.

According to Ron, the pup had been dumped just two days prior, and Ron saw him being thrown out of the car. He was worried about the pup and rushed to take him and protect him. Knowing what it was like to be homeless, he didn’t want the same fate for the pup. Janes took a picture of the pup and said she would do her best to find him a home.

Angel Janes

Word about the incident spread through social media, and Kathleen Dallmann reposted it to a page for animal lovers. Someone soon arrived to foster the dog until he could find a permanent home. She tried to give Ron $50 as a sign of thanks, but Ron refused, saying he only wanted to do the right thing by the pup. She insisted and eventually convinced him to take the money, but he was already in tears over the pup finally having somewhere safe to be.

Chasity Guyer

The pup, who was named Lucky Louie, soon found a forever home, but Dallmann knew she wanted to help Ron, too. She set up a GoFundMe page for him, which she wasn’t sure whether would work – but she soon raised $500 and rushed to withdraw some of it. She was able to take out $400 and went to give it to Ron.

Once more, Ron was in tears when he learned that the community was helping him. He wanted the money to go to the care of the pup, but he was told it was all for him. Ron used the money to find a cheap room for a few days and get himself a phone so he could start calling in to job offers and try to get off the streets. It was clear that his intentions to rise from this point in his life and find work were genuine.

Chasity Guyer

The phone also means Dallmann can keep in touch with Ron, and as of now, the fundraiser has earned over $6,000. We hope Ron is able to find a job soon, and that the money helps him!

Feature Image Source: Angel Janes

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