Post Surgery, Adorable Dog Comforts His Toy Who's Also Wearing A Cone

Post Surgery, Adorable Dog Comforts His Toy Who's Also Wearing A Cone

It’s been debated by many on whether our canine companions have feelings and emotions, but any paw-parent worth their salt can confidently say 100% YES!

Our beloveds feel just as strongly as we do and that there are definitely feelings and emotions involved. Sure, it might be processed differently but the end result is the same. Living proof has come in the form of a sweet golden retriever named Barley. This sweet boy’s parents received the dreaded news none of us ever want to hear: Barley-boy had just had an aggressive tumor removed and biopsied. The results of the testing were positive for stage 2 cancer.

Luckily, the talented veterinary heroes immediately removed the cancer and the surrounding tissue. Sweet barley was now, thankfully, on the mend but he was not alone. This baby boy goes and does nothing without his favorite stuffed friend named Fluffy. Post-surgery, recovering Barley had to wear a protective E-collar for his booboo to heal well and in order not to let Barley suffer alone, Fluffy was given one to wear as well. And how does our sweet Barley react to this? His response was to immediately forget his own pain and comfort his stuffed buddy by licking its little nose to feel better.

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Is this not proof enough to show that our loving canines can show love and affection? And now we even know that that love even extends to inanimate objects too. A dog’s love knows no bounds, it’s infinite!

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