Pregnant Dog Rescued From Euthanasia Delivers 9 Pups

Pregnant Dog Rescued From Euthanasia Delivers 9 Pups

A foster group in Niagara, the REBEL dog rescue, recently rescued a Labrador mix dog the day she was supposed to be euthanized. Unknown to them, the dog named Naomi was pregnant.

The rescue found out about her condition when they took her to the vet to get spayed. So they quickly made arrangements to find her a safe place to give birth and raise her puppies.

After Naomi gave birth, Amy Cranston decided to adopt her and her 9 puppies. Amy organized a birthday party for the pups with lots of goodies, including cakes. According to a post on Amy’s Instagram, one of the pups was sick, so he didn’t attend the party.

“I’m a little emotional today, quite honestly. It’s lovely to see them all running and enjoying one another. They’re just crazy,” one of the pup’s parents at the party said.

A staff of REBEL, who also attended the birthday celebration, said the rescue’s mission was to save dogs who were at risk of euthanasia. Since the rescue was founded, they have found new homes for over 600 dogs.

Naomi is proof that the REBEL dog rescue is living up to its mission. Thanks to their intervention, she was saved from euthanasia, gave birth safely, and found a loving home.

Image Credit: YouTube

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