Pros And Cons Of Retractable Dog Leashes You Should Know About

Pros And Cons Of Retractable Dog Leashes You Should Know About

What are your thoughts on retractable leashes?

If you’re considering trying one of these leashes out, it’s a good idea to know what the pros and cons of a retractable leash are! Here are some things to consider.


Pro: With this type of leash, an obedient fur ball has room to explore his surroundings and run on ahead, improving his self-confidence and upping the amount of exercise he gets!

Con: If you know your pup is a little overactive, the retractable leash will make it more difficult to control him. Flipping the switch doesn’t help when he’s a decent distance away and is already causing mishaps and mischief up ahead. Not to mention that when there are other pups around or you’re in a crowded area, the leash’s line adds a threat of entanglement and injury.


Pro: You can work on your pup’s recall easily with a retractable leash. Simply take him to a safe, secluded space, allow him to go a little far away, then call him back to you and use the switch to bring him back in if you need to!

Con: If your aim is to train your fur ball to walk properly on a lead, a retractable leash isn’t the way to go. You want to discourage pulling, but a pup who gets far enough away will start pulling anyway – you need a short leash for proper lead training!


Pro: When bad weather hits and your pup needs to go outside to the bathroom, a retractable leash will allow you to stay safe and dry indoors until your fur ball is done. Maybe this is a little selfish, but you can’t deny it gets the job done!

Con: A long thin line completely stretched at perfect human tripping distance? Not the best idea! A jogger or cyclist isn’t going to see it until it’s too late, and the situation is going to quickly go downhill into a catastrophe you thought was only possible in cartoons. Yikes.

Now that you’re a little more informed, you can make a decision as to whether to invest in a retractable leash or not! Do like and share these pros and cons if you thought them useful!

Feature Image Source: PetSmart

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