Pup Abandoned Because He Wasn't 'Perfect' Finds A Loving Mom Who Loves Him Dearly!

Pup Abandoned Because He Wasn't 'Perfect' Finds A Loving Mom Who Loves Him Dearly!

If there’s one face you’ll likely never forget, it’s Beaux Tox’s. The pup was born with a sunken cranium and eyes set close together due to the lack of space that being a part of a litter of seven in his mom’s womb came with.

But Beaux’s lovable appearance came with its share of difficulties. The facial deformity caused his breeders to give him away for free to a man in Texas, who named him Lucky – but after difficulty getting along with the man’s cats, he was left outside in the backyard.

Beaux was left outdoors, neglected and without a bed or place for comfort, for five years. Rescue groups in Texas tried to find Beaux a better home in foster care, but the pup had never been trained and had lived in a tiny yard his whole life, making that task difficult. Time and time again, the pup was sent back to his original house.

Then, a woman named Jamie Hulit stumbled across a Facebook post advertising him, asking for someone to foster or adopt the pup. As someone who had been in the foster system herself before, Hulit knew she wanted to give him a good home that was permanent.

When she went to meet Beaux for the first time, he was emaciated, covered in fleas and mites, and she wasn’t sure how ill he was. But she didn’t want him to face being fostered and returned again, so she adopted him on the spot.

Beaux was brought to the Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic in Kerrville for a check-up, but the pup was more sick than Hulit expected. He had heartworms and was much too weak to be treated safely. He had a 50-50 chance of survival, but Hulit didn’t care.

Dr. Jay Rydberg worked around the clock to try to save Beaux. His health rose and fell, and he had to be on an oxygen tank for most of his first month there. A few times, the doctor felt sure that it was goodbye – but Beaux was a stronger fighter than anyone expected!

In a few months, Beaux gained enough weight to safely undergo heartworm treatment. An MRI revealed that his deformity didn’t affect his brain or his chances at a healthy life, and after a few more weeks, he received a clean bill of health.

Now, Beaux lives with an elder pup brother and a new rescue sister, and despite losing hearing in his left ear and having trouble seeing out of his right eye, the pup has never been happier! His gentle and happy-go-lucky personality have changed Hulit’s world and brought so many new things to it. He’s looking forward to many more happy years ahead!

Images & Feature Image Source: Jamie Hulit

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