Pup Who Had Given Up On Life Makes An Astonishing Recovery!

Pup Who Had Given Up On Life Makes An Astonishing Recovery!

As this year draws to a close, many might be making jokes about the mess of a year that it was! As such, it’s important to remember that there is good in the world and that miracles can happen and lives can be changed for the better with astonishing results.

Just one look at the before and after photos of Frannie, a formerly abandoned German shepherd pup who was so emaciated and ill that she had given up hope, will show you how miraculous life can be. She barely even moved when rescuers arrived to help her. When sent to a veterinary ER, she was found to be between 2 and 3 years old, but she barely weighed 20 pounds!

The pup was placed on IV fluids and ate very small meals every couple of hours, with all her bodily functions being closely monitored for several weeks. Some feared she would not make it, but she began to get better and was even taken into her first of two medical foster homes. There, she received the love she deserved, and eventually, she was taken into her forever home.

Frannie is now a happy pup with a loving family and another pup sibling. She is still affected by the events of her past, but she is extremely energetic and playful, too, and getting better every day. Do like and share this inspiring story!

Feature Image Source: Life With Dogs

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