Pup Hit By Car Gets Rescued Just In Time And Also Meets His New Mom

Pup Hit By Car Gets Rescued Just In Time And Also Meets His New Mom

It was 9.30 am on the morning of the 7th of December 2018 in England when a husky mix pup was spotted aimlessly walking around on a highway. He decided to cross the road, but unfortunately was hit by a car and was thrown off to the side of the road.

This is when Hannah Moffit, a traffic officer, spotted the pup. She saw how injured he was and rushed over to his side as she called a dog warden. She comforted him as best as she could, and meanwhile, another Good Samaritan helped to shield them from traffic.

The pup, who would later be given the name Thor, was rushed to the Saint Leonard Veterinary Hospital. Rescuers worked to see if Thor had gotten lost and it wasn’t long before they found he had a microchip. They quickly rang up the people Thor’s chip was registered to, but they only asked them to put the pup down.

But vet staff knew Thor would likely be able to recover, so they convinced Thor’s previous family to surrender him to the vet hospital. Once that was done, they knew they had to work hard to save Thor. X-rays showed one of his legs was heavily injured and needed surgery.

Surgery went off without a hitch, and then Saint Leonard staff needed to find a place for Thor to do. Luckily, one of these staff members was a volunteer with a rescue organization called 8 Below Husky Rescue, so she reached out to ask if they could give Thor a place to stay. They agreed!

Thor was nervous when he arrived, but slowly came out of his shell, proving to be affectionate and sweet. At just 2 years old, he’s set to make a full recovery, but he needs lots of time to get better. So far, he’s been distracted by tummy rubs, games, and good food.

Meanwhile, Moffit, the officer who first rescued Thor, has sent in an application to adopt the pup, and shelter staff know she’d be the best fit. He has to wait a few more weeks to recover before he’s ready to go to his forever home, but it won’t be too long now!

Images & Feature Image Source: 8 Below Husky Rescue

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