Pup Reacts Heartwarmingly After Being Rescued

Pup Reacts Heartwarmingly After Being Rescued

A four-month old puppy named, Chowder, once stayed in an alley behind a dilapidated building, which became a dumping spot for discarded furniture and trash.

Chowder was discovered by a neighborhood couple all curled up under a mattress one cold and rainy day. The husband, then, decided to feed him while trying to contact the Stray Rescue of St. Louis. The shelter’s Donna Lochmann and a fellow rescuer, then, rushed to see him. When they arrived, Lochmann was taken aback by Chowder’s reaction.

He wasn’t at all timid nor afraid, but instead, reacted excitedly and placed his paws on Lochmann’s shoulders after she put a leash around him. When Lochmann picked the dog up and carried him to the car, he happily sat on her lap and snuggled into her arm.

He was also photographed as resting his head on Lochmann’s shoulder, as though very grateful that he’s now safe and about to be cared by them. When Chowder arrived at the shelter, he readily adapted to his new environment, enjoying all the attention, treats, toys, and freedom to be his jolly and agile self.

As he’s currently being cared for in a foster home, Chowder has now adjusted to living mostly indoors with a loving family. As soon as Chowder is neutered and his eye disease cured, he’ll then be ready for adoption. Those who know him believe that his family will surely get tons of love, affectionate hugs, and snuggles from Chowder.

Images & Feature Image Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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