Pup Rescued From South Korean Meat Market May Have Lost Her Paws, But Not Her Hope

Pup Rescued From South Korean Meat Market May Have Lost Her Paws, But Not Her Hope

When Chi Chi was saved from a meat market in South Korea, she had extremely severe infections on her paws, as well as multiple other injuries.

The only way to save Chi Chi’s life was to perform quadruple amputation, essentially removing all four of her paws from her. But even as she suffered and was unable to walk, the brave pup did not lose her sense of hope.

Chi Chi healed in time and was taken over to the US, where she found her way into her new forever home in Phoenix Arizona. The Howell family had adopted her and gave her all the support she needed. The pup soon began to walk again, and even learned to run around and play like any other pup, thanks to prosthetic paws.

Since then, Chi Chi has become a therapy dog and has gained legions of adoring fans internationally. She works with veterans with disabilities, takes trips to assisted-living facilities to greet residents, and hangs out with kids who are learning to read. She’s doing amazing work!

Just a short while ago, the pup’s unbreakable spirit, amazing courage, and loving compassion were honored. The pup was elected this year’s American Humane’s 2018 Hero Dog!

She was picked over a whopping 265 other pups who have served in fields such as therapy, military, search and rescue, guide, and law enforcement thanks to more than a million votes and support from canine experts and celebrities.

Everywhere she goes, Chi Chi inspired those around her. Her strong spirit and perseverance motivate those around her, and she wins over everyone’s hearts with her loving, sweet personality. I’d say this award is well won, wouldn’t you?

Images & Feature Image Source: Chi Chi Rescue Dog

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