This Pup Is A Secret Ninja And No One Knows It Yet!

This Pup Is A Secret Ninja And No One Knows It Yet!

Have you ever wondered if your pup has a secret life when you’re not looking? It might sound like a silly thing to think about, but when you take a look at Bobby the dachshund pup, it might make more sense!

This fur ball appears to lead a double life – loyal pup by day, secret ninja by night. Don’t believe me? See for yourself! Even if this fur ball doesn’t actually moonlight as a ninja, he definitely was one in a past life! This pup leaps across the sofa, attacking pillows with merciless energy, taking them out one by one. He even executes a mean backflip at one point to throw off the enemy pillow!

Amazing! Maybe this pup is training for tonight’s big mission of apprehending the evil Mailman Lord. Whatever he’s doing, it sure is awesome! This pup deserves his own action flick. Bobby: Ninja Pup definitely sounds like a box office hit! If you agree, please give this video a thumbs up and share it around!

Feature Image Source: Dachshund Bobby

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