Pup Swept Away By The Sea Gets A Miraculous Rescue

Pup Swept Away By The Sea Gets A Miraculous Rescue

While walking along the beach in Cummington, Scotland, a Cockapoo was caught up in a current and got pulled out away from the shore! The little dog kept going further and further from the coast.

His family was watching in horror and quickly called the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. The brave men and women responded quickly to the call and were well-trained to handle this situation! At the time of the call, one of the helicopters was already on patrol and was quickly dispatched to the location of the dog. It didn’t take them long to find the brown dog struggling in the water.

By the time the Maritime and & Coastguard found the dog, he had been in the icy water for 40 minutes and had traveled about 50 meters from shore! In an interview, the press officer for the UK Coastguard, Sam Sinclair, said that the dog was exhausted, cold, and wet when they pulled him out of the water. Sinclair added that the dog probably wouldn’t have survived for much longer in the cold sea.

The coastguard did a quick exam and took the dog to the vet. Miraculously, the dog wasn’t harmed at all! The dog was returned to his family, and they had a joyous reunion! After this incident, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency reminded people never to try and rescue their dog if it runs into trouble at the coast. People should call 999 and ask for expert help. This is what the Coastguard was trained to do!


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