Why Your Pup Has To Visit The Dentist Every Six Months

Why Your Pup Has To Visit The Dentist Every Six Months

It’s common knowledge that humans should go to the dentist every six months, or at least annually! (What’s that? You haven’t been? Best book an appointment now!)

But pups need proper dental care too, and they need it just as often. Unlike humans, fur balls don’t brush their teeth, and all the food, bacteria, and plaque buildup solidifies over time. Eek! It might not seem like that big of a deal, but without proper dental hygiene, gums begin to bleed and the ligaments in the jaw get weaker, which leads to permanent tooth damage.

The infection can even travel through the bloodstream and lead to heart and kidney problems. Yikes. So, the bottom line is, it’s important to brush your fur ball’s teeth! Daily brushing is a great idea, and most pups can be trained to enjoy it. If your fur ball isn’t up for it, start out with just a minute of brushing daily, and have plenty of treats on hand – or maybe use some yummy flavored toothpaste!

But if you notice that your pup has red gums, don’t brush their teeth, because that can be painful. Instead, send them to a vet to have their situation properly assessed. On that note, it’s important that a pup has regular dental check-ups. Every 6 months is a pretty good schedule! Different pups face different issues, and often times, breed and genetics can affect this, as well as their nutrition habits, chewing behavior, and even saliva flow! That’s why a professional’s opinion is best!

Are there other ways to keep a pup’s teeth in good health? A vet may recommend using a dental diet, or using a care product that can be added to water. Apart from that, just focus on daily brushing and regular assessments! Please share this with other pup parents to spread the word!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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