Puppies Comfort Each Other With Hugs After Being Rescued

Puppies Comfort Each Other With Hugs After Being Rescued

Jane MacMurchy, director and agent at a nonprofit humane society called the Animal Charity of Ohio, got a call last weekend informing her there was a family of dogs in need of assistance.

When she got to the location, one thing was clear – their parents had neglected them, causing them to fend for themselves.

With permission from their parents, the rescuers took custody of 5-month-old Layla and Peaches, 7-year-old mom, Lady, and headed straight to the shelter where they conducted a veterinary checkup.

Although the checkup revealed the dogs were healthy, the puppies depended on their mom for everything, as they lacked confidence in themselves. The family is now recouping at the shelter and learning how to socialize. MacMurchy says Layla and Peaches are beginning to learn how to be confident on their own and are happy.

However, they still rely on their mom a lot. Lady, their mom, has also enjoyed the love and affection she’s getting from the shelter. Layla and Peaches love hugging each other, and they are so adorable.

The pups, as time goes, will be ready for adoption soon.

They would be getting a new home together with plenty of love and affection whenever they are finally set, unlike their original home where their parents weren’t caring.

If you’d like to adopt Lady or Peaches and Layla, you can fill out an application on the Animal Charity of Ohio’s website.

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