Puppy Born With Adorable Cowlick

Puppy Born With Adorable Cowlick

Alfalfa was born with a funky hairstyle. He’s a little Golden Retriever with the ultimate punk rock look. He has a little cowlick that stands upright and he’s worn it that way his whole life.

At first glance, it might seem like he’s just having a bad hair day, but really that stubborn tuft of fur gives him a unique look. His mom, Kate Merrick shared that the cowlick was very visible in his newborn picture and it was more obvious in his 6-week pictures.

They thought it would go away as he grew up, but they were glad it stayed till now. Now he’s 3 years old and his hairstyle is a head-turner. His mom is used to getting all sorts of comments and questions about his hair and little Alfie loves all the attention he gets. He loves being set apart from the pack.

Another thing that sets him apart is his love for tennis balls. He’s absolutely obsessed. When he gets tired of running after them, he takes them and hides them away so no one can throw them again. What a clever dog!

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He’s also friends with all the kids in the neighborhood. They love him dearly and he loves them. He’s friends with this 12-year old kid who jumps on the trampoline with his other neighbor friends that throw the ball over the fence to him. His parents cut a few holes in the fence so he could bring the balls back.

@alfalfa_and_iroh They just did a good thing! They dont regret the thing they did!… yet. The kids call me Alpie. #alfalfa #cowlick #goldenretriever #dogsoftiktok ♬ Vampire weekend A punk – WayJay

His parents recently added another puppy to their family and they get along pretty well, as long as the puppy doesn’t mess with his tennis balls. Now, they both keep their family entertained and full of joy.

Images Credit: Kate Merrick

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