Puppy Born Without Two Front Legs Gets A Second Chance To Happiness!

Puppy Born Without Two Front Legs Gets A Second Chance To Happiness!

Just as we humans can be born with genetic defects, so can out four-legged family members too. These disabilities can appear in the form of physical deformities or mental disability in both humans and animals alike.

Unfortunately, when dogs are born with deformities the owners do not always handle the situation well. Some of them feel they cannot handle the extra care required and fail to give these pups the adequate care they deserve. In extreme cases, we find these dogs to be neglected and even abused. A heart-breaking reality that we must face. One sweetheart, Gracie, has overcome her challenges true to her name… with grace.

Gracie was born without two front legs, a birth deformity from the womb. Her owners severely neglected her and dumped her when they no longer wanted her. She arrived at the vet’s office in a terrible state. She had no hair around her eyes and was found to be covered in worms. Despite her disability, there was one special family willing to take her in.

Her rescue family treated her with the kindness she deserved. When the family received Gracie, she was too young to be fitted for a wheelchair. This was not a problem for the creative son of the family, Dylan.

He took initiative and built Gracie wheels from his Lego collection, giving her the mobility she needs.

Gracie got used to maneuvering the wheels and was successfully mobile. When she reached the size where she was eligible for fitted wheels, the Lego was retired, and she continues a happy life to this day!

Feature Image Source: Facebook

Images Source: Facebook

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