Puppy Found In The Cold Gets A Second Chance At Life

Puppy Found In The Cold Gets A Second Chance At Life

In India, there are over 35 million stray dogs and only a fraction of them get into shelters. Since they have to face the streets, they are known to be quite tough and are able to withstand the harsh climate of the country.

In spite of this, they roam the streets with little access to medical care and the least of them all suffer the most. Adoo is a little puppy who was found cold, unconscious, and wet by rescuers. When all seemed hopeless, the little puppy pulled through and underwent an astonishing transformation.

Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited rescued Adoo from the cold with his life hanging by a thread. Even with the best medical care available to him, the chance of his survival seemed bleak.

Despite this, they made an effort to give him the best chance of making it by wrapping him in warm blankets first then placing him between two warm water bottles. He was then administered an IV drip of warm saline solution and all that was left was waiting.

Gradually, the pup began to show signs of improvement, and by the next day; he was well enough to eat food on his own. In the weeks that followed, Adoo took his time to recover. He soon gained his energy and began playing with the rescuers and showing his appreciation by giving them constant affection.

His caretakers are amazed at his transformation.

Not too long ago, he was within an inch of his life. Now he is a vibrant dog who loves to care for those around him.

Image Credit: YouTube

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