Puppy In Waiting Room Brightens Everyone's Day!

Puppy In Waiting Room Brightens Everyone's Day!

Waiting rooms can be incredibly boring, and to make things worse, time appears to stand still when you are sitting in one. As Melanie Seymore relates, it is not everyone who experiences that gloomy feeling.

Seymore was sitting in the waiting room of a car dealership along with others, dreading the boredom that stretched before her. This was until relief came in the form of a bright young puppy. Intent on livening things up, the puppy energetically bounced a red balloon around the room, instantly bringing smiles to the faces of those sitting in the room.

The atmosphere was miraculously transformed from being gloomy to one filled with delight.

Seymore says:

“It made the wait enjoyable definitely made my day.”

The puppy’s energy and joy for life were infectious.

Everyone was captivated, their outlook change for the better and the puppy made their day!

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