Puppy Plonks On Phone And Accidentally Orders The Weirdest Thing On eBay !

Puppy Plonks On Phone And Accidentally Orders The Weirdest Thing On eBay !

Lounging on the couch and shopping online is a normal pastime for people nowadays, but who says that we can be the only ones to purchase the finer things in life?

Faye, a dog mom who was ordering some things from eBay, decided to take a break and leave her phone unlocked on the couch. While she was gone, her adorable boy, Max, a cockapoo puppy, had some ideas of his own. Faye says that Max is very curious, and crazy, so she wasn’t too surprised at what she walked back into.

She plopped back on the couch and found an order placed, with shipping confirmed. Faye looked at the purchase and came to realize that it was nothing close to what she was planning on ordering, and was confused. Max, who was playing on the couch, gazed at her with his big eyes, making things fall into place.

It turns out, while Faye was gone, Max clicked a few buttons on her phone and ended up bordering a print of the 1745 letter written by Bonnie Prince Charlie. In this letter, he writes to request aid for his campaign to restore the house of steward to the throne of England. Faye tried to contact the seller saying she ordered the wrong thing, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to justify the purchase.

In turn, she ended up receiving the letter and keeping it. She figured that if Max was interested in this better, then it should be kept in their home. Now, this print is on display above Max’s crate, making it feel more homely.

Faye jokes that she might introduce him to “Outlander” next because she believes it would be right up his alley!

Images & Feature Image Source: Faye Chandler

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