Puppy Saved From A Slaughterhouse Breaks The Internet - Looks Like Baby Yoda

Puppy Saved From A Slaughterhouse Breaks The Internet - Looks Like Baby Yoda

We, humans, are often attracted to celebrities and the aura of fame that surrounds them. Being in the public eye and having faithful followers, they are often able to promote a cause successfully. None less is the story of one particular pooch and canine celebrity named Mork.

Mork’s uncanny resemblance to Baby Yoda of Star Wars fame has raised him to celebrity status. This likeness, accompanied by his inherent cuteness, has earned him an impressive Instagram following.

Mork’s story is, however, not all about accolades and fame. He is a rescue dog and was saved from the grim hands of fate in the nick of time. Destined for the pot in China where dogs are routinely eaten, he was fortunately rescued along with a group of other lucky souls.

Their saving grace being an animal rescue association called Harbin SHS. After almost dying in hospital owing to severe weakness, he rallied and was then taken to the USA by Road Dogs and Rescue where he was placed up for adoption.

The road ahead for Mork was and remains challenging, as he has many health concerns such as Irritable Bowel syndrome and breathing abnormalities (as a result of interbreeding). Apart from these, Mork was also severely underweight when he arrived from China, and righting this is still a work in progress.

Morks’s mom, Nikki Carvey, has nothing but praise for Harbin SHS and their dedication towards saving the lives of countless vulnerable dogs. If it was not for them, she never would have met Mork and been able to share his celebrity story. The story of Mork will hopefully encourage others to adopt needy dogs instead of simply buying new ones!

Feature Image Source: Instagram

Images Source: Instagram

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