It's This Pup's 5th Birthday And He's Definitely Celebrating In Style!

It's This Pup's 5th Birthday And He's Definitely Celebrating In Style!

What is a day in the life of a pup like? Well, we’re about to find out! Meet Cosmo, a five-year-old, adorable and well-behaved dog with routine that he carries out every day with his Mommy. Here’s what his average day is like!

The pup wakes up every morning snuggled up next to his toy, and he immediately leaps down from his bed, checks himself in the mirror, and then stares out of the window to ponder the day’s possibilities. He then rushes downstairs to get the paper and give it to Mommy. Then, it’s time for a walk! He passes Mommy his leash and heads outside, where they go to the park. He makes sure to throw any trash in the bin, then plays a few rounds of fetch before heading home.

Once he’s back, the pup closes the gate, puts his leash back, and brings down a towel for Mommy to wipe him with. He then gets to have a yummy lunch, after which he takes his food bowl to the sink to be washed. After that, it’s time to grab his book and head to training school! Mommy takes him training and for some exercise with his Frisbee, and if he’s lucky, he even gets to jump in the lake.

The day comes to a close as the pup goes to spend his evening cuddled up with Mommy in front of the television, sharing some snacks with her. Ah, what a perfect day! Do like and share this day in the life!

Feature Image Source: loyalgold

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