Quick Facts About Dog Spaying That Parents Should Know

Quick Facts About Dog Spaying That Parents Should Know

Spaying is a surgical procedure that offers a lot of health benefits to your dog, primary of which is stopping heat cycles or menstrual periods from occurring and thus averting unwanted pregnancies in female canines.

This procedure also prevents them from developing a common, yet deadly uterine infection called, pyometra, of which 25 percent of female dogs are likely to have as soon as they hit 10 years of age. Spaying prevents uterine and ovarian cancers, and when you have your female dog spayed before she reaches six-month-old, the risk of developing breast cancer is also reduced.

So, if you have healthy female pups, spaying may be something you may be tempted to defer, but, as a responsible pet owner, you should seriously consider having them spayed as it could prolong, or even, save their lives. This surgical procedure, which takes only an hour or two, requires your dog to be under general anesthesia.

Post-operative recovery is fast as long as she is given enough rest for approximately seven days, and during which, the incision must be kept intact and untouched. To ensure this, vets usually recommend that your dog wear a cone, especially if your pet is known to lick her wounds or irritated skin.

Your dog may not be ecstatic at being restricted by this fancy contraption, but the cone-wearing will help hasten her recovery, so it is crucial that your dog keeps it on during her entire recuperative period.

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